In a time of uncertainty and change, and with reports of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware raising questions about the future of VMware customers and partners, Aixia shines as a stable and reliable option through its longstanding partnership with Nutanix.

For over a decade, Aixia, a pioneer in AI and IT infrastructure solutions, has worked closely with Nutanix to provide its customers with robust, flexible and cost-effective IT solutions. While the market now questions the future direction and stability of VMware, Aixia stands ready with Nutanix and its hypervisor AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) as a proven and reliable alternative.

A Time of Change and Uncertainty for VMware Users

The recently reported deal between Broadcom and VMware has created a wave of uncertainty among VMware customers and partners. Questions about product integrations, licensing models and support have become increasingly urgent. For many companies, the challenge now is to navigate this uncertainty and ensure that their IT infrastructure remains robust, scalable and, above all, secure.


Aixia and Nutanix: A Partnership Built on Innovation

Aixia’s ten-year partnership with Nutanix stands as a monument to what long-term collaboration and focus on customer needs can achieve. By integrating Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure solutions and AHV into its offerings, Aixia has enabled companies of all sizes to streamline their IT operations, reduce their total cost of ownership and increase their business agility. Nutanix AHV, an enterprise-ready and proven hypervisor, offers a direct competitor to VMware, with benefits such as easy administration, built-in security, and a free license model.

Why AHV is an Excellent Alternative to VMware

In light of the current uncertainty surrounding VMware, AHV appears to be an attractive option for many reasons. First of all, AHV offers a user-friendly platform that reduces dependence on external license costs and complexity. Furthermore, by delivering a robust security architecture and excellent performance, AHV ensures that companies’ critical applications and data are secure and available. AHV’s integration with Nutanix’s hyper-converged infrastructure also ensures a seamless experience from infrastructure to application, enabling a smooth transition for those companies seeking alternatives to VMware.

Aixia’s Commitment to the Future of IT

Aixia continues to be at the forefront of IT innovation by offering its customers access to the latest technologies and best practices in AI and IT infrastructure. Through its commitment to the partnership with Nutanix and its use of the AHV hypervisor, Aixia ensures that its customers have access to a reliable, cost-effective and future-proof platform for their critical business systems. In a time of change, Aixia and Nutanix are more than just suppliers; they are partners in navigating the technology landscape of the future and ensuring that businesses can grow and adapt without barriers.

In this time of uncertainty around VMware, the ten-year partnership between Aixia and Nutanix is a light at the end of the tunnel for companies seeking stability, innovation and a strong alternative for their IT infrastructure.

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