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Aixia is an IT company based in Mölndal and is part of a group where the wholly owned subsidiary Aixia since 2007 has been active in the construction and development of IT, including. AI/Deep Learning platforms, data centre, security, management, hosting, networking & communications and backup/DR.

The company delivers products, solutions and expertise in the following business areas; AI solutions and services, Enterprise IT infrastructure, IT operations and hosting, IT products/solutions and currently has around 120 customers nationwide in a wide range of industries.

Our vision
We want to contribute to a better world. We want to inspire others to think differently and challenge the given. We should always ask ourselves “How can we do what we do today better tomorrow?”.


Founded by consultants, run by
consultants. Founded in 2007 by
Christian Gustavsson and Morgan Fjellberg.

35 +

35+ employees.


Listed on Spotlight
since 2018


Total turnover 2022:
167 million.

Our business concept
“By challenging with innovative, smart and simple solutions, we increase our customers’ competitiveness”

Our history

Aixia was founded on three core values; innovation, responsiveness and commitment. Since its inception in 2007, Aixia has been a company that challenges the given and offers innovative solutions, with a focus on creating maximum business value for our customers. Being innovative involves many risks, but these risks have made us stronger and shaped our company to where we are today.

Our aim is to contribute to positive change through a creative approach to new technologies. Challenging the given and helping to create a better world. By building a knowledge house in next-generation IT infrastructure, Deep Learning and AI, we have the opportunity to do just that. We are inspired by our customers’ challenges and believe that innovation creates success.