AI for industrial companies

Manufacturing companies have long been the backbone of the Swedish economy. As an IT company with expertise in the latest technology, we see it as our responsibility to help companies in all steps from idea to value-creating solutions.

We want to make the benefits of AI available to everyone…

Until now, AI has mainly been used by the largest companies. Companies that are often global with large research and development departments with financial resources. At Aixia, we want to change this. Our mission is to democratize AI. This is about Sweden’s competitiveness!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

There are countless descriptions of what AI is that are more or less complex. The simple description is that a computer should be able to simulate human intelligence. You will understand that it can easily become philosophical when you need to discuss what is intelligence.

AI in its nature is a kind of a program but not created by a human but created based on relationships that we humans have determined. These relationships are in turn some form of knowledge that is transferred to the AI program, which is often referred to as the AI model. The model, in turn, should simulate human knowledge.

There are many areas that historically could not be solved with traditional programs that can now in many cases be solved with AI. An example is getting a computer to understand an image. If we have pictures of a product that is of good quality, we put them in the ‘Good’ category, while any product that is not of good quality is put in the ‘Bad’ category. If we have defined the images correctly so that there are actually differences that humans can see, we can now let the systems develop an AI model that simulates this knowledge. This type of AI model is virtually impossible to produce in the usual way. This is where AI comes in.

AI Vision works in applications where a human with process knowledge uses their eyes to visually check, assess and decide on action. As a result, the applications are countless.

Main applications of AI in industry today:

  • Quality control

  • Security

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Area monitoring

The AI model – Continuous learning

The AI journey – from digitisation to insight


New data for the company
Find discrepancies earlier
Increased control
Improved work environment / documentation


Act on new data
Increasing traceability
More efficient troubleshooting


Combine new data with existing data
New decision support
Previously unknowns connection


“Thanks to Aixia’s help and expertise, this project was possible. We are now looking at other areas in our production chain where we can use the same technology and increase the level of automation and traceability. “

Jimmie Cato, CEO, Sansera Sweden.

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