AI infrastructure

We are Scandinavia’s leading supplier of advanced
infrastructure solutions in AI.

We’ve helped build some of the largest IT infrastructures in the Nordics to
manage AI.

We have been providing specialised infrastructure for AI development since 2017. This makes us veterans in an industry that is still in its infancy and where most others only talk about AI. We have partnerships that ensure you, the customer, not only have access to the best technology, but also to the best expertise available.

We are one of very few Nordic Elite partners of NVIDIA, working with the best in storage and networking to deliver maximum performance, reliability and efficiency. We help you with everything from design to delivery and operation/monitoring of your AI Infrastructure.

Aixia also offers the opportunity to test the very latest technology, in our own data centres. Together with our engineers and data scientists, we can guide you to the solution that’s right for you. Aixia is also one of AI Sweden’s (Sweden’s national applied AI initiative) strategic partners and has provided data power and expertise since its inception in 2018. Our network of other partners and advanced expertise is of great value to us and our existing customers.

We are experts in infrastructure for AI and Deep Learning.

Aixia is a company specialising in advanced IT infrastructure and data centre solutions. In the last 4 years or so, we have had great success in data centres for AI development with several large installations. We are the only company in the whole of Sweden that is an NVIDIA DGX-Elite partner and can therefore deliver Super PODs.

Our recipe

Thanks to our unique experience in delivering AI Infrastructure, we know how to design a solution to best suit your organisation’s needs, requirements and budget.

Aixia delivers end-to-end solutions for applied AI. We help a wide range of organisations apply AI to production. Common applications are computer vision-based solutions for quality control, safety, security and predictive maintenance. But we are not limited to computer vision and have several NLP-based projects. Thanks to our complete control over everything from the data centre via specialised software developed by us and edge devices delivered by us, we can guarantee robust quality, fantastic support for the entire value chain and unique value-added services and best of all: it’s AI Made In Sweden!

GPU server

The NVIDIA DGX is one of the most powerful GPU servers on the market. We have been working with NVIDA since its inception and it is our central building block for developing AI systems. NVIDIA DGX is the universal system for all AI workloads, offering unmatched compute density, performance and flexibility. In addition to DGX systems, we deliver GPU-based servers and clients for all needs and budgets.


Developments in AI require a whole new generation of storage solutions. At Aixia, we deliver some of the most high-performance storage systems available. All to maximise the benefit of your investment. In addition to performance, we focus on systems that are proven, easy to manage, have world-leading service and support, and the highest possible reliability.

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Aixia has extensive experience in data centre switching and delivers solutions for AI Infrastructure that completely remove the bottleneck that the network can present between GPUs and Storage. We have designed some of Sweden’s most high-performance data centres and have years of experience in meeting even the most stringent performance, uptime and support requirements.

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Options available today

Getting started and testing AI development is not particularly complicated or costly. We at AIXIA can assist in everything from data collection to finding a business case. The big challenges usually come when you want to scale up your “POC”, or want to go into a production phase. Below are three of the most common options organisations face when scaling up their AI initiatives. At Aixia, we can guide you so that you don’t fall into the traps that we’ve seen over the years are common reasons for AI projects to stall, or at worst, fail.

Buy and build yourself


  • Lower purchase cost


  • Long time before production
  • “Forum Support”
  • Difficult to scale
  • Frames

Buy finished product


  • Fast to production
  • Support for HW/SW
  • Functioning framework


  • Higher purchase cost

GPU in the cloud


  • Fast to production


  • Security
  • Higher cost over time
  • Highly dependent on powerful network

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