Security as a service

Complex and targeted threats are increasing faster than many organisations have the capacity and capability to protect themselves. The recent spate of Cryptolocker and ransomware attacks is clear evidence of this. Aixia offers a complete security concept for both clients and data centres.

Products from different manufacturers can stop individual elements of an attack, but they don’t necessarily work together to protect your data, devices and networks from sophisticated, coordinated cyber attacks. At the same time, overworked IT departments struggle to respond quickly enough to these threats.

Aixia’s synchronised security platform combines market-leading products with a simple and intuitive management system.

We offer services and products that are packed with next-generation technology and actively work together to detect and prevent advanced attacks like ransomware and botnets.

Automated Incident Management
We offer Automated Incident Management where security information is shared and acted upon automatically across systems. We make sure infected devices are isolated before the threat can spread.

Full range of security services
Aixia’s security as a service is a powerful tool that brings real benefits to both large and small businesses, helping to ensure an uninterrupted everyday life. This includes firewall, encryption, client protection and mobility protection. We are constantly adding new functionality and advanced security products to our service offering.

Solutions for everyone

In order to offer the best solutions on the market, we set high standards for the suppliers we choose to work with. We offer the latest technology from leading manufacturers who are at the cutting edge. In our own data centre, we use the same solutions that we install and operate for our customers and partners. In this way, we ensure a high level of expertise and know-how about how the solutions work.

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