Storage solutions

We deliver storage solutions for most needs. From highly advanced AI, HPC and Enterprise solutions to the needs of the small business.

Whether you’re looking for extremely fast storage, huge amounts of data or a robust and secure storage solution, we have solutions for you. Aixia works with the market’s leading suppliers and our expertise in storage is well documented. In addition to on-premise solutions, we have highly advanced storage solutions in our own data centres. We can offer hosting solutions as well as the opportunity for you to test some of the fastest systems on the market. Contact us for more information and we will tell you more.

The key to a future-proof and scalable business

An e-book on how organisations can meet tomorrow’s challenges with the right storage solution.

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Solutions for everyone

In order to offer the best solutions on the market, we set high standards for the suppliers we choose to work with. We offer the latest technology from leading manufacturers who are at the cutting edge. In our own data centre, we use the same solutions that we install and operate for our customers and partners. In this way, we ensure a high level of expertise and know-how about how the solutions work.

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