From my previous experience as a teacher, I know that the best conditions for learning arise from the perfect mix of challenges and support. Want to know how Aixia’s work culture created the perfect environment for its trainees’ professional development? Keep reading to learn about my experiences and reflections after a very successful and rewarding LIA period!

The application process

I was incredibly lucky to get a tip about that LIA place from my schoolmate, who did her first LIA at Aixia. I applied immediately and after a few calls I was accepted! It felt right from the very beginning. A small team of very friendly people, working on very interesting projects – and located in the middle of Lindholmen, surrounded by research hubs, innovation and all things AI. In addition, my personal interview was held in EdgeLab, which is an incredibly cool place for a tech geek. I was overjoyed!

First days

I knew better than to expect to be treated like a stereotypical intern – making coffee and running errands, but the welcome we received exceeded my expectations! The whole first day was spent setting up our workstations and giving us detailed overviews of Aixia’s projects, as well as getting to know the team. A lunch together was also very nice. During the first days, we were given simple tasks designed around getting to know the systems and tools.

Diploma thesis

With so many exciting projects that Aixia is working on, we had a variety of options for our thesis projects. I chose to work with Generative AI and LLMs, while my two fellow interns chose to immerse themselves in computer vision modeling. It was very satisfying to work on real projects and to be able to leave some useful solutions to Aixia as a thank you.

One with the team

Within a few weeks, we really became part of the team and got to do real tasks from the sprint board – all with plenty of time for our own learning and debugging, and with lots of support and code reviews from the more experienced developers. Being given a task that at first glance seems difficult, and then being able to solve it, is extremely satisfying.

What is unique about the LIA at Aixia compared to other locations was that all team members were involved and committed to our training. We didn’t have one dedicated tutor – we had several!

Overall impression

During my internship, I grew from a student to a developer. Although I still have a lot to learn, it’s hard to believe how much experience and knowledge I have accumulated in just three months. I have improved my programming skills and AI knowledge, but I have also learned how to solve problems, troubleshoot, plan and prioritize, as well as how to communicate with customers and collaborate effectively as part of a team. I felt seen and appreciated and simply had fun at work with nice people and interesting projects in a company whose values I share.

Does it sound too good to be true? In fact, I’ve had so much fun at my internship that I refuse to leave! Fortunately, Aixia has offered me a position as a system developer, which is a dream come true.

If you are a student looking for an LIA placement, I can highly recommend Aixia.