Backup as a Service (DRaaS)

“Backup is important, but Recovery is everything”.
Anyone can suffer an incident where your information is at risk of being lost. It could be a user error, a hardware problem or a security incident (like Cryptolocker). It is crucial that you can retrieve your information as quickly as possible.

We offer backup as a service for all types of devices as well as cloud services such as Office 365.

Next generation backup solution as a service!

Our backup service is based on the next generation backup solution from Rubrik and you as a customer can choose between our predefined SLA levels or specify the SLA level you want for your backups.

Thanks to our choice of technology, we can offer backup and recovery times that surpass all known competitors. If you’re serious about your information security but don’t want to invest in your own backup solution, or want to complement the one you already have, our backup as a service could be the perfect option.

Solutions for everyone

In order to offer the best solutions on the market, we set high standards for the suppliers we choose to work with. We offer the latest technology from leading manufacturers who are at the cutting edge. In our own data centre, we use the same solutions that we install and operate for our customers and partners. In this way, we ensure a high level of expertise and know-how about how the solutions work.

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