As we have pointed out many times in our various blog posts, data is not just an asset but a lifeline for any business. Living in an increasingly troubled world, we face an ever-escalating challenge: protecting our valuable data resources from the advanced and malicious cyber threats that surround us. Ransomware, one of the most prominent and damaging forms of cyber attacks, has the ability to encrypt company data and demand a ransom for access. This is where Aixia, together with Cohesity, ensures that our customers get the best possible data management and security.

Aixia, together with Cohesity, offers a comprehensive solution for data protection and recovery from ransomware attacks. We combine Aixia’s deep understanding of customer needs and Cohesity’s cutting-edge data protection technology to create an unbeatable alliance against cyber threats.

Cohesity’s platform offers a range of technological advantages specifically designed to meet the data challenges of today and tomorrow. Here are some of the technical benefits of Cohesity’s solutions:

Comprehensive data protection

Cohesity takes a unique holistic approach to data protection. By integrating backup, disaster recovery (DR), file and object services, and data privacy and security features into a single platform, the complexity and risk of data loss or breach is minimized.

Immediate recovery

In the event of a ransomware attack, Cohesity offers immediate data recovery, allowing for quick restoration of business functions without paying a ransom. This is achieved by using immutable snapshots and a comprehensive search to quickly identify and recover clean, uninfected data copies.

Secure Data Architecture

Cohesity’s platform is designed with security at its core, including end-to-end encryption and a zero-trust architecture. This design ensures that data is protected not only from external threats but also from internal threats.

Cloud integration

With Cohesity’s cloud-integrated platform, businesses can easily protect, manage and utilize their data across multiple cloud environments, including private, public and hybrid clouds. This gives businesses the flexibility to choose the best cloud solution for their needs while maintaining strong data security protocols.

Seamless Scalability

Cohesity’s platform offers seamless scalability, allowing companies to expand their data protection capabilities without compromising performance or security. This flexibility is essential to keep up with rapid data growth and ever-changing business needs.

Together, Aixia and Cohesity offer an integrated solution that not only protects businesses from ransomware and other cyber threats but also gives them the tools and flexibility to manage, analyze and maximize the value of their data in a secure and efficient environment.

We look forward to helping businesses navigate the complex data security landscape with confidence, security and success.

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