Data leakage protection (DLP) is of great importance for companies that handle sensitive information and want to ensure that their data is not compromised. Next DLP’s Reveal is a leading software solution in the DLP sector and offers a host of features to protect corporate data. In this article, we will explore Reveal’s various features and explain why Aixia recommends it as the best choice for data leak protection.

Advanced data identification

Reveal from Next DLP uses advanced technologies to identify and protect sensitive information. The solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect patterns and classify data. This includes support for fingerprinting, regex, optical character recognition (OCR) and data masking to identify and manage sensitive information in structured and unstructured data sources.

Multi-channel protection

Reveal protects sensitive information across a variety of channels, including email, cloud storage, web applications, social media, and network traffic. The solution monitors and analyzes users’ activities in real time and blocks accidental or intentional attempts to transmit sensitive data. This gives companies a comprehensive and consistent security policy across the organization.

Adaptable policies and rules

Next DLP’s Reveal offers customizable policies and rules that can be tailored to meet your company’s unique requirements and regulations. The solution allows administrators to create and implement policies based on data classification, user groups, channels and other criteria. In addition, rules can be adjusted to include exceptions and specific measures, such as warnings, encryption or blocking of data transmission.

Simple and centralized management

Reveal comes with a centralized management console that gives IT administrators complete visibility and control over the entire DLP environment. The console enables monitoring, reporting and customization of policies and rules, simplifying the administration of data leakage protection and reducing operational costs.

Incident management and reporting

Next DLP’s Reveal includes robust incident management and reporting capabilities. When a security incident occurs, the solution generates automatic alerts, enabling quick and effective action by IT administrators. The reporting system offers detailed analysis and insights into incidents, helping organizations understand and improve their security practices.

Integration with existing systems

Reveal is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems and infrastructures, including cloud services, network devices and storage solutions. By offering integration with leading cloud providers, security platforms and SIEM solutions, Reveal can easily adapt to your existing security strategies and environments.

Compliance and regulatory support

Reveal helps companies meet data protection requirements and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS. The solution offers built-in policies and controls that support compliance with these standards and help organizations avoid the fines and bad publicity that can result from data leaks.

User training and awareness

In addition to offering technical protection measures, Reveal focuses on raising awareness and education among users. The solution generates automatic alerts and notifications for users who may be involved in potential data leaks, helping them understand the security risks associated with their behavior and encouraging them to comply with company security policies.

Next DLP’s Reveal offers a comprehensive data leakage protection solution with advanced data identification methods, multi-channel protection, customizable policies and rules, and simple and centralized management. With its powerful incident management, reporting and integration with existing systems, as well as support for compliance and user awareness, Reveal is the best choice for companies looking to protect their sensitive information. This is why Aixia recommends Next DLP’s Reveal as the best solution for data leakage protection. Get in touch with us and we will tell you more!