On February 2, 2023, Microsoft released the licenses for Teams Premium Preview.

During Ignite 2022, Microsoft talked about Teams Premium. The new offer is based on Microsoft Teams with extensions. The product focuses on three main areas: intelligence, security and personalization.

How productive are our meetings?

We have all felt that we have no time or that the meeting we are invited to is not relevant to you. Or has something urgent come up that made you skip the meeting? How do you catch up with relevant information from the meeting? We check the meeting notes and/or reschedule the meeting.

With intelligent summarization in Teams Premium, you can let AI make the meetings you attend (and miss) more productive and impactful. At the end of a meeting, smart recordings are created with auto-generated chapters, for example, when your name is mentioned, a screen is shared, or when you leave a meeting before it ends. For people you have a close relationship with, you will receive suggestions for sections during the meeting from this speaker. The search function has also been developed.

In Teams Premium, AI-powered real-time translation for subtitles in 40 different languages makes it easier for you to follow conversations. If the meeting organizer has Teams Premium, all participants will have access to subtitles. A useful tool for companies with global, multilingual meetings.


Meetings with sensitive company information

With a protective layer in Teams Premium, you can protect your meetings with, for example, watermarks. You can also limit who can make recordings. Additionally, for Microsoft 365 E5 customers using advanced security requirements, they can leverage existing sensitivity labels in Microsoft Purview Information Protection to automatically use customized meeting options. This makes it even easier to protect meetings. The labels are edited in the Security and Compliance Center.

Easily create personalized meetings with Teams Premium.

There is no meeting like any other. Most people use the default settings when creating a Teams meeting. Partly because it is perceived as cumbersome to search between settings, partly because of a shared ignorance. With Teams Premium, there are setting options for the IT department to create ready-made templates so that you as an employee can easily choose the template that suits your meeting. When it’s time to invite a meeting, you can choose, for example, between a brainstorming meeting, a customer call meeting, an internal meeting or a support call.

With Teams Premium, you can add a company profiling – background image – to the lobby of your meetings and create custom backgrounds and “together modes” for users to use. This is managed in the Teams Admin center.

With Teams Premium you can also

  • Create advanced virtual appointments
  • Streamline the management of appointments
  • Create comprehensive analyses
  • Create advanced webinars
  • Efficient registration workflows for events
  • Send automatic email reminders before the event
  • Customize the experience for presenters and participants

The price for a Teams Premium license is 10 USD. Teams Premium is released in Preview and therefore the licenses are sold for 7 USD today for a limited period. You can also try Teams Premium Preview for free for 30 days.