Aixia is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking AI solution for quality assessment of used IT devices, developed in collaboration with 3stepIT, a leading player in circular technology solutions. This innovative solution, which will go into production in Sweden in May, represents a significant advance in the sustainable management of IT equipment.

The solution is based on Aixia’s proprietary AiQu software and has been carefully trained by experts from both Aixia and 3stepIT over 18 months with data from over 35,000 devices. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide unbiased and accurate evaluations of used laptops. The implementation is the first in a larger rollout and will be the starting point for AI-based solutions in 3stepIT’s centers. The goal is a full implementation by the end of the year in all 3stepIT operational sites for automated management of lifecycle management of devices and IT equipment for the secondary market.

This collaboration underlines Aixia’s commitment to improving the sustainability of the tech industry by supporting circular economy practices. The AI tool not only identifies specific damage but also assesses overall wear and tear, providing a standardized quality assessment and offering companies a reliable assessment and valuation of the device’s condition.

“Our partnership with 3stepIT is based on a shared vision of reducing e-waste and promoting the reuse of IT equipment,” said Mattias Bergkvist, CEO of Aixia. “Solutions like this that address quality management will transform the way companies manage automated production.

3stepIT CEO Jakob Lagander said, “By integrating Aixia’s AI expertise with our circular technology model, we can offer even greater value to our customers, ensuring that devices have a longer and more sustainable lifecycle. This is an important step towards more sustainable IT management globally.”

Aixia is at the forefront of technology development in industrial AI, where our solutions are revolutionizing the automation of processes that were previously considered unmanageable by traditional methods. Through advanced applied AI, we have enabled the automation of complex and labor-intensive processes in manufacturing lines and quality control, which not only increases efficiency but also minimizes human error and optimizes production costs.

In the field of Generative AI, Aixia delivers cutting-edge technologies that transform the way content is created and personalized. Our Generative AI solutions enable companies to generate dynamic content, from customized digital media to custom design prototypes, that adapts to specific customer needs and market trends. These AI-powered tools not only support creativity and innovation but also offer scalable solutions to keep up with the rapid pace of digital transformation.

Link to the 3StePIT press release here