Aixia welcomes three new colleagues. A warm welcome to Martin, Daniel and Patrik.

Martin Halinowski – Technical Specialist

Martin comes to us with many years of experience in the IT industry where he has worked at several IT companies in various roles such as Service Manager, Consultant Manager, Technical Manager and Technical Specialist. With us, Martin will work as a technical specialist.

Daniel Andreasson – Technical Project Manager

Daniel comes to us with extensive experience where he has worked as a system consultant, technology manager and technical project manager. With us, Daniel will work as a Technical Project Manager.

Patrik Asp – Network Specialist

Patrik comes from a company in the automotive industry where he worked for several years with implementing, operating and configuring their network. At Aixia, Patrik will work as a network specialist.

The Aixia growth journey and knowledge house continues to grow! A warm welcome.