Recently, Aixia participated in the Pure Storage main event Accelerate, held in hot Las Vegas. At the event, which was combined with the partner forum, Pure Storage presented impressive news and future visions. Attending this type of event gives Aixia the opportunity to interact with industry peers and gain valuable insights that can be passed on to its customers.

One of the most impressive innovations at Pure Storage Accelerate was the introduction of 75TB DFM, with plans to increase capacity to 300TB shortly. Also announced was a new member of the Flasharray family, Flasharray E, which offers support for both Block and File. Another interesting update was the latest generation of Flasharray R4, which promises a 40% increase in performance.

The future without hard drives: One of the highlights of the Pure Storage Accelerate was the opportunity to meet Coz, the founder of Pure Storage. Coz has a strong vision to eradicate all types of traditional hard drives. He repeatedly stressed that within five years, hard drives will be completely obsolete in the data center. Just as vinyl was replaced by CDs and VHS by DVDs, hard drives will become redundant as flash memory becomes the answer to all storage needs. During his presentation, Coz showed off hard drives and gestured with them on stage to illustrate their soon-to-be obsolete status.

Sustainability focus: An important aspect for businesses in today’s society is to strive for sustainability, and this is also true in the IT sector. Pure Storage’s Direct Flash modules offer energy efficiency, higher density and longer durability than traditional hard drives. Since data centers account for about 1-2% of global power consumption, a quarter of which is used for storage, the introduction of flash memory can reduce power consumption by as much as 85%. This is a significant reduction and helps to make the IT industry more environmentally friendly.

Security aspects: Pure Storage has long offered its “as-a-service” model, where customers can get service level agreements (SLAs) for performance, capacity, availability and power consumption. Now they can also get an SLA for recovery from ransomware attacks, thanks to DRR Anomaly Detection. This means that companies get better visibility into their organization’s data and can identify changes that may indicate deteriorating data reduction, such as in the case of a ransomware attack. Being able to quickly restore the system without guessing when the attack occurred reduces the vulnerability of companies. These security initiatives are in line with Aixia’s commitment to securing its customers’ IT environments.

Pure Storage Accelerate offered exciting news and gave Aixia an insight into the future of storage technology. With a strong vision to eliminate traditional hard disks and replace them with flash, Pure Storage is moving towards a more efficient and sustainable IT industry. Aixia looks forward to implementing these innovations and offering its customers sustainable and secure IT solutions. Feel free to contact Aixia to learn more about the latest developments and how they can help you optimize your IT infrastructure.