Nutanix is a prominent player in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and offers a robust platform for virtual environments. By combining storage, computing and networking in a single device, Nutanix enables simplified management and increased efficiency in the data center. This is particularly attractive for organizations looking to the cloud to ensure flexibility, scalability and future growth.

The challenge to traditional virtualization vendors like VMware lies in the ability of the Nutanix HCI solution to provide an end-to-end solution that not only simplifies data center infrastructure but also prepares businesses for cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Nutanix offers its own hypervisor, AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor), which is built into the platform at no additional cost, providing a direct cost savings compared to licensing external hypervisors.

Furthermore, the partnership with Cohesity, a leader in data protection and secondary data storage, strengthens Nutanix’s offering. Cohesity ‘s integrated data protection solutions for the Nutanix platform ensure that companies can effectively protect, manage and utilize their data in a secure manner, which is essential for current and future business requirements. This combination of Nutanix HCI and Cohesity data protection provides a powerful solution for businesses looking to modernize their IT infrastructure while preparing for cloud integration and hybrid cloud strategies.

Choosing Nutanix in partnership with Cohesity means investing in a solution that not only provides a high-performance, scalable and efficient infrastructure but also ensures that data is securely protected, recoverable and available when needed. This makes Nutanix an attractive option for organizations looking to build a flexible, cloud-compatible and future-proof IT environment.

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