CGit is unique in Sweden because we can offer AI solutions from the Data Centre all the way to applied AI. Software is crucial to the effective development of AI, and at CGit we develop our own software.

The software platform is aimed at companies and organisations working with AI, but we also use it as the basis of our “AI as a service”. Our leading AI infrastructure solutions, together with the new software solutions, mean that we can now offer the market a complete AI infrastructure with associated orchestration and data management tools. This makes us the only Scandinavian company with a complete AI infrastructure and AI development offering, and it has been proven and thoroughly tested in real-world scenarios. Our
software is not only developed by us here in Sweden, but it is much easier and smoother to work with than other products on the market today.

Through our subsidiary AIXIA, CGit has developed the most advanced tools for
machine learning on the market. Our proprietary purpose-built software, AiQu,
will help organisations maximise their investment in technology and
labour in a simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand way. Also with full support
by our Sweden-based development team.

With our SnapXS tool, we are introducing a complete “suite” of tools to manage Big Data. No matter how many Petabytes, or even Exabytes, of data you want
refine – SnapXS will manage to get wisdom out of all this data.