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Welcome Linnea!

Welcome to Aixia and the Managed Services team! Linnea comes from an internal IT department where she worked as an infrastructure and network engineer. Linnea has a broad technical knowledge of Microsoft infrastructure which is evident in her willingness to solve problems but also how work is done as a whole. We identify her in these qualities: structured, creative and curious. Characteristics that fit very well with Aixia.

Hi Linnea, who are you?
Here you will find a doer, I make things happen. Not afraid to take on new things or what may seem difficult.
Spend time with family and friends. I have recently retired my 10 year old dog from agility and am looking for a new star to train and compete with.

Why did you choose Aixia?
Aixia has high and broad expertise!
For me, it is important to work in a workplace with high standards that also looks after the needs of each individual.
Here I work close to customers and with a personal touch.

Your best technique tip?
Everyone should try Freetrailer. Intuitive app and great business idea for renting “free” trailers.

Hi Lelle!

Aixia warmly welcomes Lennart Overby to the Aixia family. Lennart Overby is a committed leader with extensive experience in human resources and running IT businesses. Lennart is known as “Lelle” in everyday life.

There is a positive energy in the room as Lelle talks about his work. He has a wonderful drive and a clear passion for the role as Business Area Manager for Managed Services,” says Mattias Bergqvist, CEO of Aixia.

– I enjoy working in the IT industry and have a special interest in human resources, where employee development and well-being are the focus,” explains Lelle, who comes from DQC/Fellowmind. For the last 14 years he has been a manager in various positions, but most recently he has been running the Consulting business area.

Who are you?

– Always a difficult question .. but I like speed and fan, and have an active lifestyle where travel, cooking and spending time with family and friends is the focus, I am a single parent and have three children soon to be adults, 19, 21, 23 years which is very fun and interesting.

Why Aixia?

– Aixia’s professionalism, high competence and the local market suit me.

– It is inspiring to work in a smaller company with medium-sized customers, where there is the opportunity to be flexible and adapt the services to the customer’s conditions and needs. Seeing and understanding the big picture and being able to offer customers complete IT solutions as a service for a fixed price is important to provide maximum cost control and security for customers.

For me it is also important that we work together with the customers and create a working environment with innovation, knowledge sharing and not least having fun!

Your best technique tip?

– It’s probably my robot vacuum cleaner and my Tesla car, it would be hard to live without them right now.