AI is being talked about in many industries, but few are applying it in their production or to make their processes more efficient. Ocean, the craft brewery from Mölndal, together with Aixia, a subsidiary of the IT company CGit, also a Mölndal company, has developed and produced a beer based on AI. This is no ordinary beer. The recipe is developed and based on the entire Oceanbryggeriet recipe archive linked with the sales date of each recipe.

Oceanbryggeriet and Aixia are both companies that want to challenge their industry. Ocean was early to try new flavours and ways of brewing beer. Aixia was launched in 2021 to provide services from the data centre all the way to applied AI. Now the two Mölndal companies have joined forces to challenge new ways of using AI.

We want to show a wider audience that AI can be applied to many applications, even in smaller companies. As long as data is available, there are opportunities to use AI. The idea came about to make something completely new, a beer produced with the help of AI.” says Brand Manager August Iwdal at CGit.

We jumped at the idea. We started digging through our handwritten recipe books to hand over the material and let AI do its thing. I strongly like the positive culture clash it makes between a craft and data. A wonderful process, with lots of laughter, excitement, anticipation, curiosity, language misunderstandings and a bit of plunging into the new unknown. With the AI team at Aixia, we were able to develop a completely unique recipe based on this“, says Rodrigo Wilner, CEO of Oceanbryggeriet.

The label is also developed using AI, based on all previous labels. With the help of a reference image, the AI:iet was asked to develop a proposal.

The beer called “Yes AI Can” is a 2.8% alcoholic beer and will be on sale from 27th April at Oceanbryggeriet’s farm shop which is open every Wednesday from 07.30 – 15.30.

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Oceanbryggeriet Rodrigo Wilner,
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Aixia (a subsidiary of CGit) is a Swedish AI company focused on delivering complete AI solutions, aiming to help companies optimize their efficiency and improve their product quality by introducing advanced AI algorithms into their operations. Aixia delivers AI as a Service, which includes everything from sensors, data annotation, algorithm development and training to production deployment. Aixia works closely with customers who have specific knowledge of their production process to tailor AI systems to their application.

Oceanbryggeriet is located on Ragnar Thorngrens Gata in Åby outside Gothenburg. Oceanbryggeriet was founded in 2007 and in 2017 the newly built brewery in Åby was completed.
Oceanbryggeriet is a craft brewery that always creates, brews and bottles the beer in its brewery. Oceanbryggeriet has all its beers on the shelf in Gothenburg, a few varieties throughout the country, a variety of taverns, a large event section and its popular folk beer shop.