CGit has been selected as an NVIDIA partner for NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Managed Services Program.

CGit will be one of a select group of vendors authorized to help companies manage distributed NVIDIA DGX platforms.

During the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference held online on March 24, NVIDIA revealed many new developments as well as a few select technology partners certified to support DGX enterprise AI computing platforms. The new NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services program enables customers to outsource the management of DGX systems used in enterprise data centers, including the deployment and monitoring of server, storage and network resources required to support DGX platforms.

CGit’s AI as a Service, based on thoroughly tested and proven reference architecture for NVIDIA and Purestorage and adding our scheduler and resource manager AiQu, allows AI/ML-driven workloads to be deployed with ease.

Together with the expertise of our dedicated and highly skilled team of data scientists and developers, we can help and enable organisations’ AI journey to achieve their goals and vision. We make ideas happen. We deliver true “AI as a service” – from data centre to edge and from data to knowledge.


CGit continues to build its knowledge house in AI/Deep Learning


For more information, please contact the Company at:
CEO Mattias Bergkvist
Telephone: 031-762 02 40

CGit is an IT consultancy company based in Mölndal, Sweden, which is part of a group where the wholly owned subsidiary CGit AB has since 2007 been active in the construction and development of IT infrastructure, including. data centre, security, management, hosting, network & communications and backup/DR. The company provides services in three business areas; IT operations, IT consultants and IT products and currently has around 60 customers across several different industries, of which the company is a full partner in the delivery of IT support to 30 customers.