CGit/Aixia has been commissioned to carry out a project on quality control using Artificial Intelligence. CGit/Aixia will deliver the entire project from inception to full production, including project management, data collection, data power, software, development and security.

The customer, which is active in the circular economy and is present throughout the Nordic region, plans to implement AI in a pilot plant in Sweden together with AIXIA.

“We are very happy that we now get another opportunity to demonstrate the concrete business benefits of AI and especially happy that it is within the circular economy, something that fits very well with our ambitions in sustainable development” says Petter Ahlén, Business Area Manager for AI and Enterprise at CGit/Aixia.

“This is very much in line with our plan to build our knowledge house in AI/Deep Learning”, says Mattias Bergkvist, CEO CGit.


For more information, please contact the Company at:
CEO Mattias Bergkvist
Telephone: 031-762 02 40

for CGit: CGit provides IT infrastructure, operations and cloud services. Today, the company is working on AI and building data centres for AI development. In addition, the company has in-house software development for ML Ops (machine learning operations) and Big Data management. CGit also conducts development in applied AI in the industrial sector to increase the automation of various processes through, among other things, Machine Vision. Customers are found in a number of industries.