CGit Holding AB (publ). Location: Mölndal


Org no: 556878-2295

Financial year 2021-01-01- – 2021-12-31 Annual General Meeting 2022-05-17


  1. Opening of the meeting:
  1. Election of the Chairman of the Meeting

Leif Nord was elected chairman and he opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

  1. Establishment and approval of the voting list

The following list of shareholders, proxies and assistants present at the meeting was drawn up:

Name: A-shares: B-shares: Votes:

Christian Gustavsson 43 000 389 000 819 000

Leif Nord 20 000 180 000 380 000

Mattias Bergkvist 37 000 90 000 460 000

Johan Ljungquist 10 010 10 010

Total: 100 000 669 010 1 669 010

  1. Presentation and approval of the agenda as set out in the notice of meeting The AGM declared the agenda approved.
  1. Choice of one or two adjusters
    Leif Nord was elected as chairman, and also adjuster, to chair the meeting. Mattias Bergkvist was elected to take the minutes. Johan Ljungquist was appointed as the adjuster
  2. Examination of whether the meeting has been duly convened
    It was noted that the Annual General Meeting had been duly convened.
  3. Address by the Executive Director.
  4. Presentation of the annual accounts and the audit report, and, where appropriate, the consolidated accounts and the consolidated audit report.
    The annual report of the Board of Directors, including the profit and loss account and balance sheet, and the audit report for the past financial year were presented by the Executive Director.
  5. Decision
    a. on the adoption of the profit and loss account and the balance sheet and, where applicable, the consolidated profit and loss account and the consolidated balance sheet The Annual General Meeting decided to adopt the profit and loss account and the balance sheet as set out in the annual accounts. b. on the appropriation of the company’s profit or loss as shown in the adopted balance sheet

At the disposal of the Annual General Meeting were:

Retained earnings: 897 835

Share premium fund 5 459 991

Profit for the year: 6 467

Total: 6 364 293

The Annual General Meeting decided to allocate the profit as follows

6 364 293 is transferred to the new account

6 364 293

  1. on the discharge from liability of the members of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director
    The Annual General Meeting decided to grant discharge to the members of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer in respect of their actions and management during the past year.


  1. The Annual General Meeting resolves to implement an option programme of 100,000 warrants at the closing price on 2022-05-17. The subscription options shall be offered to key employees and members of the Board of Directors.10. Determination of the number of members of the Board of Directors and, where applicable, deputy members of the Board of Directors and deputy auditors
    The Annual General Meeting decided that the number of Board members shall be 4. and be without deputies.

    11.Determination of the fees of the Board of Directors and the auditor
    The Annual General Meeting resolved that the auditor’s remuneration shall be as invoiced for the coming financial year and that the Board remuneration shall not be paid to the members of the Board and the Chairman of the Board shall be paid at the rate of SEK O and at the rate of SEK 48 300 (one price base amount) to each of the other members of the Board who are not employees of the company.

    12. Election of the Board of Directors and any deputies and, where applicable, the auditor and deputy auditors

Election of the Board of Directors. Until the next Annual General Meeting, the following were elected as members of the Board:
Christian Gustavsson
Leif Nord (Chairman)
Mattias Bergkvist
Johan Ljungquist

  1. Election of the auditor:
    It was decided that the elected auditor during the term of office is Baks & Co AB. Authorised Public Accountant Viktor Mattsson was elected as auditor in charge.

14. Resolution on guidelines for remuneration of senior executives.
The AGM decides that the existing remuneration model will continue to apply.
15. The Annual General Meeting was closed


Below is a summary of the speech by CEO, Mattias Bergkvist:

We are in a unique position!

We have built our knowledge house in a structured and purposeful way. We have added building blocks to our AI offering that make us unique! From Data to Wisdom! From computing power to applied AI!

We were early in creating leading data centre solutions for AI and Deep Learning, creating a leading position in the field. But as a wise man said, if you don’t evolve, you disintegrate. We realised early on that we need to add several components to the larger AI ecosystem. This is the background to AIXIA and the development of our software products AiQu and SnapXS.

We now have a permanent R&D group working to further develop and add new features to our software solutions in line with the ever-evolving market. As a result, we maintain the lead we have over many of our competitors in both the Swedish and global markets. We have consciously invested in the development of our software solutions AiQu and SnapXS instead of maximising an operating profit.

And what an offer we now have to offer an entire global market! Now that the development of Industry 4.0 is really taking off.

We continue to take market share in this area, which we also show by a growth of our turnover of 76% and even if we put a bracket around 2020, which suffered from the pandemic, we still make a turnover increase compared to 2019 of a full 30%!

Let me put our development and the building of our House of Knowledge in a broader context;

For CGit, it’s always been about doing complicated things in a simplified way. For us, it’s about knowledge, not moving boxes. Our motto has always been to challenge the given. Asking the right questions, but perhaps not the easiest questions. It has been our role and become our raison d’être, even though we recognise that this way of thinking has not been the easy route to success.

When you question the given, sometimes answers come from unexpected places. That’s what happened in 2017. Starting with the highest performing conventional data centre solutions, we were one of many asked by the automotive industry to design the next generation data centre. A data centre solution that could handle more data and handle it faster. Faster than anyone before. Data centres driving the fourth industrial revolution. CGit responded by creating the first of the next generation of data centres that is still, to this day, superior.

By breaking new ground, designing commercial data centres specialised for AI, we discovered that our customers had problems that no one else had encountered. Our customers had invested heavily in state-of-the-art data centre solutions that almost no one had used before, and that presented new challenges. The existing software, designed for new requirements, did not live up to the performance that the infrastructure was designed for, which was the development of AI. Building data centre solutions based on GPUs instead of CPUs represented a paradigm shift and a whole new level.

Traditional solutions such as. HPC, which is an established solution on the market, could not provide the answers customers wanted. At the same time, the amount of data needed to develop AI at a whole new level was exponential.

The solutions that were available came from traditional large multinational companies and would involve huge and very complex investments in both consulting services and software licenses to even get started with AI development.

We decided to act and designed solutions based on our conviction and knowledge in the field! We created something that even the largest multinationals have not been able to do. Thanks to investments and faith in the future from us at GGit, our offer is no longer limited to the data centre. Our offer and concept now spans all the way to applied AI.

The investments we have made in our software mean that we are now delivering the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0!

With our AI-specialised software AiQu and SnapXS, we are finally ready to provide AI from the data centre to applied AI. Our services will bring a whole new level of automation to all industrial customers, large and small. A feat that very few companies can match.

We aim high and the potential of our solutions is global. We have a commercially ready data centre for applied AI “AI as a Service”, a technical and commercial solution that is now already being used by customers and the roll-out has already started. This means that CGit can offer Swedish AI solutions to global customers, in Swedish data centres, with Swedish software.

It is a unique position!

How unique is demonstrated by the fact that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has just invested in what is planned to be the world’s highest performing AI data centre. They have chosen to build on the exact same components and architecture that we started doing back in 2017, five years ago! Further proof that we were, and still are, on the right track.

Annual General Meeting CGit Holding AB(publ) 2022-05-17_signed


Mattias Bergkvist
CEO CGit Holding AB (publ)

For more information, please contact the Company at:

CEO Mattias Bergkvist
Telephone: 031-762 02 40



CGit is an IT consultancy company based in Mölndal, Sweden, which is part of a group where the wholly owned subsidiary CGit AB has since 2007 been active in the construction and development of IT, including. AI/Deep Learning platforms data centre, security, management, hosting, networking & communications and backup/DR. The company provides services in three business areas; IT operations, IT consultants and IT products, and currently has around 120 customers across several different industries.