CGit: CGit delivers proprietary AI orchestrator “AiQu” to Region Halland



Mölndal 2022-11-18

Region Halland has decided to be an information-driven organisation and is in a development phase where it is focusing on delivering smart and simple digital services to both internal and external audiences. Part of this work is done within the “Decision Support and AI” department, which is responsible for data warehouse development by linking the region’s various data sets. CGit’s AI development orchestration software, AiQu, is now enabling more efficient use of existing resources, both human and hardware, and thereby accelerating the adoption of AI in the field.

Region Halland conducted a thorough market survey of different tools to streamline and plan AI resources and finally landed on CGit’s Swedish-developed tool: “AiQu”. AiQu is specifically designed to manage GPU resources whether they are in the cloud, in a dedicated data centre or in a personal client. AiQu requires very few resources in the data centre and has been developed to be easy to learn and administer.

“We are very proud that Region Halland has chosen CGit and AiQu to contribute to increased innovation and digital development in the region and that Region Halland chooses to invest in Swedish developed software and thereby also promotes Swedish innovation is of course extra fun.” says Petter Ahlén, Business Area Manager at CGit.


CGit continues to build its “knowledge house” in AI, AiQu is an important component of this work, says Mattias Bergkvist, CEO CGit


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