Every business and organisation is unique, but they all share a common challenge – the need for scalable, flexible and high-performance data storage. To enable themselves to innovate, grow and develop, they need to optimise their IT infrastructure and data storage.


At a time when applications are taking up more and more space in everything we do, this is particularly important. This requires greater flexibility and scalability to support the applications that organisations want to run. So, what does it take to succeed? A flexible and scalable storage solution with maximum performance.

Maximum performance for fast application delivery
The phrase
that data is gold is hardly new – but data is only gold if it’s allowed to be used and stored properly. In fact, storage is the cornerstone of supporting business applications, workloads and IT environments.

Today, organisations need faster data access as critical workloads and applications require top speeds. In addition, the business’ IT infrastructure needs to be able to efficiently handle the increasing volumes of data so that bottlenecks do not occur. To address these challenges and also support faster go-to-market for product and application development, modern storage technology is needed to maximise performance and make organisations more dynamic and flexible.

A modern, flexible and scalable storage solution should address challenges such as long response times with high performance and versatility, and instead offer response times with microsecond latency. Ultimately, this means that the end user gets a seamless and good user experience and that the organisation can take on new challenges in a more innovative way.

A scalable storage solution
Today’s businesses and organisations have an enormous need for scalability. They need to be able to scale up, down and across the board to meet both needs and demands in an agile, flexible and efficient way. Let’s take an example: company X buys company Y, then all of a sudden data has to be migrated into a new environment. With the wrong storage strategy, it’s not easy. With the right storage strategy, this is much easier, as all that is needed is to expand the environment. Without affecting the performance of other applications or services.

But whether on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, organisations’ data must be secure, accessible and scalable. Ultimately, problems such as downtime, network latency or under-utilised storage resources are not only time and resource consuming, but have a negative impact on business performance.

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