CGit becomes one of a select group of providers authorized to help enterprises managed deployed NVIDIA DGX platforms.

During the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference held online on March 24, NVIDIA revealed many news as well as a few selected technology partners certified to support enterprises managed deployed DGX AI computing platform. The new NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services program gives clients the option to outsource management of DGX systems deployed in corporate data centers, including the implementation and monitoring of server, storage and networking resources required to support DGX platforms.

CGit and NVIDIA has established a long and successful partnership throughout the years. Since 2017, CGit has worked with designing, installing, and supporting DGX-systems, both single systems and 20+ system-infrastructures. CGit has also been responsible for designing, delivering, installing, and supporting the largest commercial DGX-based infrastructures in Scandinavia.

CGit’s AI as a Service, based on thoroughly tested and proven NVIDIA and Purestorage reference architecture and powered by our scheduler and resource manager AiQu utilizing NVIDIA DGX A100 systems underneath, enables AI/ML-powered workloads to be deployed with ease.

With the added expertise of our dedicated and highly skilled team of data scientists and developers we can assist and enable your AI Journey to reach far beyond your vision. We will make sure your ideas are made into reality. We truly deliver AI as a Service –from datacenter to the edge and from data to wisdom.

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About CGit

CGit have made AI possible for organizations since 2017. CGit offers state of the art datacenter-solutions for all needs and sizes. Whether you are a large global company that want to scale up, or accelerate, your current AI development – or a small start-up that want to get started with POCs: We have what you need. From Datacenter to Edge from our inhouse-developed ML-Ops tools to world-class Data scientists and project management, we have it all! Contact us today to get started.